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Beth Durner – Reviews

Beth Durner - 5 Star Reviews

Beth Durner
Mobile Home Sales Agent
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Aggregate Review : Beth Durner 5 out of 5 , 12 votes , 12 reviews
Highly recommend Beth Durner  
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Beth sold my home fast and at top price. She was efficient and professional to work with all during the sale. She showed my home immediately and sold it within a week. She handled the closing as scheduled and delivered the check personally. I highly recommend Beth to everyone wishing to sell their home fast and at top dollar.

April 14, 2018   Club Wildwood, Hudson, FL   
Beth Durner  
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We have sold two homes with Beth as our agent. She is always so easy to work with and very knowledgeable with facts that are important to help sell to potential buyers. We hope to maybe have further interaction with her in the future.

March 1, 2018  
Beth Durner  
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Beth was a great help with the process of us purchasing our Florida home. She went above and beyond whether it be to answer a question or to check on something for us. She helped us make a long distance purchase possible!!!!

September 12, 2017   Club Wildwood   
Beth Durner  
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Beth Durner made my life much easier when my home sold she is very pleasant to work with.She listed my property and it sold within 20 days.I actually got more than I had planned on.Whenever I need a realtor she most definitely would be the one I would contact.

September 6, 2017   Hudson,Fl   
Beth Durner  
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Beth Durner did a first rate job of selling our manufactured home in Florida. It took Beth less than a week to find a purchaser and to have the contract signed! We were impressed by the level of service she gave us. She was friendly, knowledgable, had excellent contacts and she made us feel that the sale of our home was important to her. We would highly recommend Beth to anyone wishing to sell their home.

April 24, 2017   England, UK   
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Anyony who has Beth as part oc their team are the lu ky ones dhes a worker and a people pleaser Beth assisted me in the pervhasr of my home and felt like i was dealing with a n old friend yet vetting business done thanks, Beth

April 14, 2017   Hudson   
Beth Durner  
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Beth Durner was fantastic to work with. A true professional who went above and beyond to help us purchase our vacation home in Dunedin, FL. She continued to assist us even after the close of the sale, as we were new to the area and mostly conducting the purchase from our home in Tennessee.

April 10, 2017   800 Main St. Dunedin, FL   
Beth Durner  
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I had Beth sell my mobile home and she was extremely professional, always returned my emails or telephone calls promptly. She had my property sold within 2 weeks and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

March 26, 2017  
Beth Durner  
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Beth was always very professional and extremely helpful. Made the transaction so much easier for us - took care of everything.

March 24, 2017   Hudson   
Beth Durner  
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Beth Durner has been a great realtor for me in that she was very understanding of my predicament and gave me very quick results. My husband fell ill and subsequently passed and Beth was like a friend to me as well. She is a very kind and compassionate person and I would think an asset to your company.

March 24, 2017   Kitchener, Ont., Canada